With 15 years solid experience, Mavi International shipping can import-export within  all Türkiye ports using all container types  LCL / FCL (Open top,flat rack,DC ) , if even required a Door To Door Delivery service along with customer clearance services can also be provide. Alternatively many other services  can be arranged depending on the required needs of the customers.
By the courtesy of our overseas port agents, Mavi can necessitate the way of the freight  at the most optimum and organized way making sure that your  goods movement are reached securely and efficient way.

Mavi can import-export using all Türkiye ports, in order to perform the genuine booking it will use the route of  conventional, break-bulk , out of gauge  , project, Heavy tonnage, extreme weighted/shaped, IMO or RO RO .The special cargo  decided to be moved , Mavi have the flexibility to control and operate the reliable vessel in any capacity
Beyond the standard measurements of all shipments, once ocean transportation terminates to its arrival port, if needed specialized heavy lifting equipment are used to escort the goods cargo, securely and efficiently to the trucks/ rail roads  provided in order to deliver to its final destination. This type of shipping service is requested  by the customer , therefore the insurance and  storage service can be supported.


For customers that require air freight, depending on the direction of needs, if even necessary aircraft chartering can be provided, also along with; spot, irregular and small packages can be imported and exported. Not only this to, Mavi has broad spectrum contacts with airlines that provide secure and organized service.